Are you running out of space to store your boxes? Are these boxes getting in the way? Can you utilise the space more effectively?Our document storage solutions will help, giving you back the much needed space with in your office and our file management service ensures that you know just what is inside each box. Having the Knowledge of what’s in the box enables you to request the right information, allowing you to make quicker and more efficient business decision.

Document storage

Our secure facility is designed with security in mind ensuring the information we store is protected at all times. We track each box using our bar-coding tracking system which allowing us to locate boxes quickly and helping us to deliver the right information within the time frame you require.

Cataloguing – Know what is in the box

Customers, from our experience, lose or misplace details of what has been stored in their boxes, therefore understanding what is in the box is vital to retrieving the information you require. Our cataloguing service will provide you with a detailed inventory of every file within a box.

We add your file information to our system against a unique file code. All files codes are linked to the box code where they reside. We can capture several pieces of information to help identify the correct file.

Once the cataloguing process has been completed, we send you a copy of the inventory. You can then recall exactly what you require and understand exactly what is stored.

We encourage our customer to supply us with retention dates of the boxes this allows you to identify which boxes are eligible for destruction allowing you to manage your overall storage costs.

Secure Destruction

We can destroy any unwanted information that you hold or we manage including IT equipment. We can supply on site consoles with arrange collections, or simply supply a hoc sacks for you to fill which we can collect at your convenience.

All destructions are collected and shredded in line with the EN15713 standards. All destruction is certificated completing your audit trail. All shredded material is recycled within the UK and all paper is  recycled into tissue products.

Package 1

£10 per month +VAT
(SMB archive box)
Up to 10 SMB Archive Boxes

Package 2

£25 per month +VAT
11 to 50 Standard Archive Boxes 

Package 3
Deals With Wheels

£45 per month +VAT
51 to 100 Standard Archive Boxes
1 Free Delivery Per Month.

Package 4
Deals With Wheels +

£85 per month +VAT
100 – 200 Standard Archive Boxes
1 Free Delivery Per Month.

Package 5
Data Capture

Know what’s in the box
File Cataloguing First 15 boxes £90

Business or Home
Secure Destruction

(BS EN 15713 Certified)

£5 per 17kg Bag
£26 per Laptop
£10 per Hard Drive



                          Large Box Dimensionswhite destruction-sack

17 kg waste sack            SMB Archive Boxes (1.4 cubic)